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EST Tube

EST Tube
  • Category : Disposable Medical Supplies
  • Place of Origin : guangzhou china
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  • Description :
  • ESR Tube is used in blood collection and anticoagulation for sedimentation rate test.It contains a 3.8%(0.129mol/L) or 3.2% (0.109mol/L) buffered tri-sodium citrate solution with the mixing ratio of 1 part citrate solution to 4 parts blood.ESR measurement refers to the Westergren method.

    ESR fast detector is made up of plastic frame with a graduation scale indicating ESR values and a stainless steel motherboard.It is suitable for the ESR tests for subjects of different gender and ages,with higher related coefficient comparing with theWestergren method.

    Intended use

    鈼廍SR fast detector is designed to match IMPROVACUTER 鈸?/font> ESR butes (specification:1.6ml/9×120mm) for testing the Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR),which is a non-specific assay item.

    鈼廔t is safe,reliable and easy to read with clear scales.


    鈼廍SR fast detector should be placed stably without wobble and draught.

    鈼廔t should be kept erect with a slope angle less than 2銆?

    Specimen collection and processing

    1銆丮ake use of ESR tube and needles to obtain the blood specimen by venipuncture.

    2銆丟ently invert ESR bute at least 8-10 times.Avoid of fierce shake to destroy the Erythrocytes.

    3銆丷epeat before inserting Tube into Stand.

    4銆両sert ESR tube into Stand.

    5銆丄lign zero level of scale to bottom of meniscus.

    6銆丼et timer and read erythrocyte level after 30 min.

    7銆丏iscard ESR tubes without opening.

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