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Syringe and Needle (WG-01)

Syringe and Needle (WG-01)
  • Brand Name : weigao
  • Category : Medical devices/General Hospital Devices
  • Place of Origin : shandong china
  • Standard : CE, FDA
  • Payment : T/T
  • Description :
  • Medical grade PP Size from 1ml to 100ml Needle: 14-29G Two/three-parts Single blister or polybag Guaranteed single use Prevents infection from re-used needles Prevents needle-stick injuries Simple to use Provides a high level of protection for healthcare professionals. More Product Features Trademark: weigao Model NO.: WG-01 Standard: CE, FDA Company: Weigao Group Product Co., Ltd

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Contact: Ms. Joanne Ding
Tel: 86-631-5623485
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